Online Gambling Guidelines

Online Gambling Guidelines to Online Slot Games

A warm welcome from Bingonice. This online slot game guideline serves the purpose of sharing the knowledge with beginners. Our goal is to make a comprehensive resource that covers all the perspectives of online slot games.
We have compiled all the sections and facts of slot games in details. This complete guidance educate people interested in playing slot games. We have divided the whole guidance into several sections to make things easier for newbies. team has also discussed the myths of online slot games and revealed the truth. We think this guideline will assist players in educating them in enjoying the game fully and increases the possibility of a win.

Types of Online Slot Machines

A slot machine is an online gambling device that comes with spinning reels. These reels have symbols on them. It creates winning chances for its customers whenever they place a bet by spinning the reels.
Slot games have decided a long way. It has gone through real-life slot machines to the online slot, and the growth continues. Now, casinos offer numerous online slot options. These are 3D Slots, Bonus Slots, Video Slots, 243-pay line slots, Progressive Slots, and many more. These slots are designed by taking the inspiration of popular video games.
When it comes to games and the rewards, online video slots come with a diverse selection. Most of the online slots follow the structure of 25-pay line with a few variations, but there are other ways to win. Some of the Video slot developers use TV shows, comics and other film characters.

How Online Casino Slots Work

Understanding how online slot machines work helps players in preparing a better way to get success by spinning digital reels. These virtual online slot "reels" are created by the experts with the help of a software program. The used software generates random symbols for each spin.

What are Paylines?

"Pay lines" is the term that is extensively used in online slot games to indicate the ways of winning a spin. In the UK, online slot games have almost 250 pay lines depending on the titles and the reel numbers you are playing. Players have to decide how much they want to bet and how many pay lines they are willing to choose. Let’s take an example to understand it better.
E.g. Suppose a slot offers 25 pay lines. One can select to bet on 9 or can choose a particular combination like 1-5 or 15-20.

How Many Reels and Paylines Do Online Slots Have?

Classic slot machines had 3 reels, but this type has become obsolete with time. Now, most of the online video slots has 5-reel games.

How Much to Bet On an Online Slot Game?

The bet limit is a variable factor that mainly depends on some factors like game rules, maximum betting amount, and so on. Starting with a minimum betting amount is advisable. The wins read from left to right. Players can bet any amount on separate pay-line or can bet on combinations. As an example, a beginner can bet £1 on 25 pay-lines or increase the bet amount to £5 on combinations. Payout amount ranges from 10x to 2000x. This “x” indicates the numeric value of the time when your single line bet will get multiplied. Matching three to five symbols will make you the winner.

Features of Slot Game Bonus

Winning through matching the standard symbols is a part of the online slot game, but it also has different other offers. Bonus is one of them. Online slots have an extensive array of bonus and rounds. These things heighten a player’s chance of a win and bring different turns and twists in the game. Most of the casino use Scatters, Wilds and Multiplier bonuses in an online slot game.

Wild Symbols – The wild symbols can be compared with a wild card. These wild symbols hold the power of substituting symbols on the reel. It creates a pay-line and turns the situation into winning though these symbols can’t replace scatter symbols.

Scatter Symbols – Scatter symbols are used in slot games. These icons unlock different fun bonuses, launch a bonus round or free spins. In the online slot game, the appearance of scatter symbols raises the chance of players to win lucrative bonus amount or play some free spins to earn some real cash.

Multipliers - Multiplier bonuses appear when the initial bet amount is multiplied. It increases the opportunity of heightening the score and lead to a player in winning a higher cash prize.

Advantages to Online Slot Games

More Winning Ways – The options are enormous when it comes to online slot games. Most of the land-based casino slot machines have three pay reels only, whereas Online slots offer more chances to win.

More Games to Play – Presently online slot games provide extended reel options with the full-screen display. This extension enhances the chance of winning multiple pay-lines rather than just one strip. Other than this, different slot games use additional bonus rounds with scatter symbols and wild keys to reveal more ways of winning from one single spin.

More Chance to Win – The number of winning ways has increased. This process enhances the chance to win. The probability to get success of online slot players has been raised than those who play in the land-based casinos. Experts have conducted surveys and found out that people playing online slot game won frequently.

Higher Payout Percentages – Payout percentage plays a vital role in slot games. The worst payment percentage of online is as much as land based casino slots, though the payout percentage of best games is almost 95%- 97%. The return payment percentages of best games are quite high than real-life casinos over the longer period.

Common Myths About Online Slots

Online slot games have gained huge popularity in casino sites. People from different corners of the world play this game not only for the ultimate fun but for earning some real-time cash prize.
Instead of this popularity, online slot games in most cases have become associated with some general myths. It is tough to understand why this thing had happened. Experts have guessed that the myth spread out due to some mistaken concepts that take place while people were trying to earn some quick money.
Here, the team of Bingonice has attempted to explain the actual facts behind these myths.


Slot games are easy to win.


Slots are easy, but that doesn’t make you win easily.

It is true that slot games are easy, and many ways are there to win, but that does not make it easy to win. The slot programming is set for generating random numbers. Separate & random numbers will appear with every spin of the reel. While the game is easy, the chances of winning are less likely.


More you play slots, more chance to win.


Individual spin in slots are random

The more you play, the better the chance you have to win. Sadly, the length of your session won’t affect your chances of landing big wins. You always have to bear in mind the randomness of each spin- it’s likely you’ll be losing more, the longer you play.


You can’t win large sums from slots


Progressive Jackpot offers huge payout

This myth has been created by people who want to make some quick money through a slot. If slot games give little payout, then no person would have hit the jackpot. Winning slot isn’t very easy, but it does not make it less appealing as slot jackpots can pay huge figure prizes.


Slots that haven’t paid out yet will payout soon.


The chance to Win Individual spin is same

Many players think that if the slot has not paid out yet, it might be due and will payout soon. This thought leads them to play more, but the fact is the chance of winning individual spin is same, and it is no way can get affected with previous spins.


Machine that Paid out Jackpot recently, won’t pay again.


Winning chances of individual spin are not connected with previous spin.

The other very famous myth that needs to die is the thought that the slot machine that hit the jackpot very recently will not payout soon. It is true that progressive jackpot takes a small amount from each player’s stake and use it for a jackpot, but that does not mean that it will not hit the jackpot again. The Individual slot comes with winning chances and is not connected to the previous spin.


Slot machines have “Hot Streaks & Cold Streaks” period.


Slot machines are programmed to generate random numbers.

This myth has been perpetuated because of some wins and losses. Slot developers programmed machines with SSL Encryption. It generates a random number at the time of individual spin. No period is there when people get payout only, or they won’t win at all. The win largely depends on the random numbers created by the software programs.