Bingo Games are quite popular and are loved by millions. With the growing popularity almost every casino site has various bingo games versions.


The complexity arises in choosing the best online bingo game from among this huge heap of games. In order to make things simpler for you, we have done the research right and brought the top 7 best online bingo games to you. These games are interesting, attractive and offer great rewards.

  1. Bingo Millions : Bingo Millions can give you millions in one game. The game is a 90 ball bingo game where a strip of six tickets are given for £2.50. There is no jackpot winner, only progressive jackpots with £1.5 million and snowballs. The game is one of the best online bingo games and is loved by the players.


  1. Double U Bingo : Double U Bingo has an interesting theme. Every player owns a virtual pet in the game. The pet can be customised as per the requirement and it helps with attaining special features in the game. The players can enjoy the daily tournaments and win big regularly. The game is one of a kind and is placed in the list of the best online bingo games.


  1. Bingo Showdown: Bingo Showdown is among the top online bingo games. The game allows players to play with hundreds of cards at a time. There are multiple cards in a game but fewer number of tickets are available in each draw. The gamers have even provided an offline option to practice the game and set the strategy accordingly.


  1. Bingo Blast: Bingo Blast is all about unlocking card patterns and layouts. It offers faster draws and the option to play with up to eight cards at one point of time. There is an option to use power ups at additional costs. The game gives people access to winning big in many freeways.

5.Bingo Bash: If there is anything entertaining that players look forward to is Bingo Bash. It is that one game that offers special rooms and power ups for gathering people. It holds a special place as one of the best online bingo games.There are different charges for getting into different rooms. The game also has some seasonal options that are quite interesting to play.


  1. Potion Bingo: Potion Bingo is an online bingo game in which players have to choose room from Toad, Owl or Cat at various costs. The game is number based and every number is placed in a jar kept on a shelf that has ingredients to improve youth, love and wisdom. Altogether there are three chances given to win. The number changes into one of these ingredients and if the number on your jar matches with this number, it gets into the pot. Winner is the one who completes the potion first.


  1. Picture Bingo: Picture Bingo is nothing but tombola Bingo in a better picture view. It is a 45 tile game and is played in three variations. The first one is MYSTERY where the player needs to find out the suspects as law enforcement officer trying to resolve a murder mystery.


The second one is PIRATE where the player sails the ocean in order to find the treasure. In the last one, CIRCUS, a player has to roll up in the hope of winning cash. The game has prizes for one line, full house along with jackpot.

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