Living in UK, online gambling came with multiple options. While looking for a good online casino, Jackpot Wish Casino happened to come across. Signing up for the casino was pretty much normal but things changed as and when I started exploring the other features of this online casino. After exploring these features, I wished to share these features with the readers of the Jackpot Wish Casino Reviews. Well, I couldn’t manage digesting these facts into my system and so thought of laying down these points and add to the Jackpot Wish reviews.



Never have I ever thought that signing up to an online casino could be so exciting. Unlike other casino sites, Jackpot wish always has something new for its users. Who could ever believe that winning 500 free spins after the first deposit is actually possible? Probably, not many know about this unique feature of Jackpot Wish Casino. The winning spins are different for different users but the excitement is surely loaded. One must deposit £20 to claim the welcome offer, even though the minimum deposit is £10.


Most of the reviews about Jackpot Wish Casino state about the variety of games offered by this online casino. What people miss in those reviews is the fact the slot games & other casino games are constantly updated by the casino team so as to keep the eyes of the players all glued to the online platform. I happened to witness a great range of games excluding poker. Poker didn’t exist and that did let me down a bit.


Gambling life seems so easy and comfortable when the online platform is simple and easy to use. This has to be a must check point while dealing with an online casino. As per some of the reviews and ratings of Jackpot Wish Casino, the platform is user friendly and mobile friendly. The least known fact is that the mobile interface is actually supported with latest technology driven software that enables players to enjoy a superb gaming experience.


Honestly, dealing with variety of payment options has never been my thing. I use reliable and trustworthy payment options like MasterCard, Maestro or Visa. Thankfully, Jackpot Wish Casino has it all plus many more options, so we can choose the option as per our convenience.

Why Choosing Jackpot Wish Casino Came as A Boon to Me?

  1. Least amount of £20 deposited gave me the option to derive maximum cash out of £250.
  2. Unbelievably less time to attain bonus.
  3. Winning bonus includes amazon vouchers and 500 free spins on Starburst.
  4. This mobile friendly site helped me play as per my convenience. Imagine you going to the store and standing in the long queue where you literally have no option other than just waiting. I managed to utilize that time in playing online games just with this unique feature.

Hope this review of Jackpot Wish Casino backed by my personal experiences shall get you to the true picture of this casino!