Gambling has been an age old concept. It has been ruling all over the world. In fact people have been loving this concept and indulging in it despite the risks and uncertainties.


Gambling is the wagering of something with a goal to win money or something in return. It involves high amount of risk that is covered by the reward or prize received.

What is Gambling Addiction?

Gambling addiction is often termed as negative as it can have negative impacts on the life of the gambler and his near ones. The severe cases of it can lead to being broke. It can also be known as gambling problem as one can find it very difficult to resist. It can go on and on until one find enough strength to control oneself and resist it.

Gambling addiction has grown among the masses with the presence of various modes and options. Since it provides easy accessibility to gambling options, it is more popular, more preferred and more addictive. With the presence of vast number of top online gambling sites and the attractive offers provided by them, its market is growing every single day among people.

This topic needs coverage and should be discussed to provide awareness among the masses. It is interesting to know how playing a game of for fun can turn into serious addiction. Here are certain important elements of online gambling addiction, which needs attention :


1. Wagering Amount
Wagering amount is the amount of money or quantity of items that is used for playing the game. Such amount is usually used up in the process or provided back in the form of rewards. This amount initiates the gambling process.

2. Risk
Risk is an integral part of any type of addiction. Not just online mode but it is also a part of traditional gambling. The human mind gets addicted to the thrill associated with gaming. Such risk is often termed as luck. People with better winning chances are considered to be luckier than the others. Some players even happen to like this risk factor and uncertainties.

3. Prize
Prize is the leading factor that drives the whole process. Online gambling addiction is often because of prizes and chasing rewards. In fact regular gamblers enjoy not the process but the rewards associated with such rewards. Most of the times, players initiate the game with a strong desire to win prizes.

4. Constant Thinking
It also requires continuous thought process. In fact, people involved in gambling have similar thinking patterns where the game is not played for enjoyment but for earning wins. Addiction often plays with the thinking abilities of people. It can sway people in the direction of betting more and more and lose more.

5. Recovery Of Loss
Online Gambling includes risk to a great extent. It is all about dealing with uncertainty as per a person’s chances of winning. It is known as luck. Due to the involvement of risk, occurrence of loss becomes quite obvious. And with that comes along the drive for the recovery of that loss. Online Gambling Addiction increases the drive to recover the losses and convert those losses into gains. The continuous desire makes this process recurring turning it more stronger and greater. This addiction increases or decreases with the controlling power.