Blacklisting Process

Guidance of Blacklisting Online Casinos

We invest our time in finding out the best online casinos for players. You’ll find the best online casino details in our top sites and can see the online casino reviews as well.The gambling industry has indeed gone through continuous progress, but dark sides can’t be ignored. Some casinos are also there those are blacklisted due to their ill-behaviour, flawed business practices and security issues. Other than giving reviews, we also displayed the process of siting a bad casino and enlisted them in the blacklist section.

1st, we spot rogue casinos and check their track record

2nd, our team decides to note down the names of these sites

3rd, Continuous update of the blacklist sites

How we bring together the list of worst online casinos

When we talk about the blacklisting, our team was indicating the worst online gambling experience of casino sites. We are not extremely choosy and keep those gambling sites that fail to make our top-rated list. Only those that lack sincerity of the business have been added in the blacklist.We believe that not every casino can be top class, but maintaining security, following fair policies and ethical practices is enough for surviving in the gambling industry. Complaints and unfair business strategies that mentioned below put the online gambling websites in the blacklist category. We update the name only when we got satisfied that these sites fail to treat people fairly.

Non-Payment & Delayed Payment

Playing is fun, but winning money matters most as people gamble to win real money. So when the payday comes, or you hit with a jackpot, you want it in your hands as early as possible. If you see the top class casinos, they make the payment pretty quickly to ensure the satisfaction of players. Some of the casinos pay within a month or so, and that’s quite acceptable. The problem occurs when casinos leave your payment hanging, and you never see the amount in your bank account. This payment matter is taken seriously by the regulating authorities of the gambling industry. Most casinos try their best to make the payment faster, but some of them involve in the malpractice of payment. Delaying the winning amount is not acceptable and denied the payment also send them in the blacklist category.

Issue of False Advertising

Marketing has a huge impact, and when it comes to advertising, casinos do a lot to earn some quick bucks. These fraud casinos lure people with false promises of bonus, offers and jackpots. When a player signed up, they completely change the terms and trick people with their new conditions. This trickery of false advertising sends them to the blacklist to intimate others that we don’t take these activities lightly.

Unethical Business Practices

Fair business practice is the thumb rule for all industries, and the gambling industry is not an exception to the rule. In online gambling, only those sites are allowed to do business who can treat their players fairly. Online casino sites, which are engaged in unethical business practices, lack responsiveness and don’t give the players required support are added to our blacklist.

Issues of Unfair Games

Losing in the game or winning a huge amount while playing bingo bash, casino slots, and other games of online gambling is an essential part. Random number generators make sure that the numbers used in casino slots, online bingo games and other deals are randomly generated. This practice shows the genuine intentions of casinos. If a casino is found to use a fixed or flawed number for their profit, the online casino will be put into the blacklist category.

Marketing Spam or Spammers

Marketing has become one of the most useful weapons for casinos to promote their activities. These casinos often use spam based promotional activities for attracting people to their sites. Spamming happens when you believe them and sign up. Other than this, some other spamming tricks are there that rob player off. We scrutinize these types of marketing spam and include them to our blacklist due to not adhering the fair gambling principles.

Security of Licensing

Casino without the security of license is just like a sea full of sharks. A licensed casino maintains the rules fixated by the authorized organizations. It does not make them lax about the regulations and allows them to take care of their member’s security.